We help you create generational wealth through tax strategy.

We are a leading Austin CPA firm in tax, accounting, and wealth management consulting. We provide serial entrepreneurs and business leaders the invaluable insight they need to navigate the complex tax code.

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We are your premier Austin CPA firm helping you achieve all your financial goals.

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Individual & Trust Tax Services

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

We file all federal and state business tax returns for our clients. As your trusted advisor, we understand working with business owners involves much more than just tax compliance. We make sure your organization has the right pieces in place and we work together with your legal and internal accounting teams. We are constantly reviewing structure, tax law changes and current year operations to help identify planning opportunities.

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Individual & Trust Tax Services

Our personal tax services are limited to business owner clients, wealth management clients and high net worth individuals. We file all federal and state tax returns and closely monitor your tax situation with a long-term view. Advanced tax planning techniques are applied depending on the situation. These include setting up the correct type of trusts through estate planning, implementing business exit strategies, and managing retirement accounts in a tax efficient manner.

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Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Our focus on tax planning has opened our eyes to inefficiencies in the financial advisory world. To combat these issues, we coordinate our efforts with those of your financial advisor in order to synergize your investment and tax strategies. This synergy of investment and tax strategy creates an unmatched value for our clients.

Our Austin CPA Firm’s mission is to help clients and employees reach their personal and professional goals.

We focus on building meaningful relationships and take the time to understand who you are and where you want to go. This passion for helping others comes from our founder’s personal journey. Mentors, coaches, teachers, and family members have all pushed David back on track at various times throughout his early life. Without the guidance of others, especially through the toughest of times, our firm would not exist today. A strong resolve and great perspective is what you’ll find in our organization. This allows us to help others through challenges of all shapes and sizes.

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Here's what our clients have to say about us

David French and his team have been incredible to work with. I've used them now for three companies I've been a part of starting. His team is fast and efficient and above all else accurate and dependable. David makes himself readily available and has met every last second deadline I've thrown at him. In addition, his team is pro-active - always looking for ways to help us save money or get ahead of new policies, tax, and accounting changes. I can not recommend David enough, especially is you are start up. You have enough things to worry about - don't let accounting and tax work be one of them, call David French.

Jay ManickamHitch

David French is one of a kind. The service he provides to our family and our business is unquestionably the best possible. I cannot image trying to navigate the complexities of today's tax world without his consultation and guidance.

Chuck PhillipsElite Granite and Marble

I’ve been working with David to serve our mutual clients for several years now. As a corporate, securities, and tax attorney, it’s critical that my clients have skilled, diligent, and personable tax advisors and CPAs, not only skilled and knowledgeable with tax matters, but also business matters. David has consistently provided practical, cutting edge advice regarding both general and complex tax and business matters. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him and his team for your professional tax services.

Michael McGovernMcGovern Law

David French and Associates is an Austin CPA firm that will give you the highest level of service with customized strategies to reduce taxes and increase cashflow.

Team members are knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. We serve as the trusted advisors for hundreds of entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

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