Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Corporate & Partnership Tax Compliance

Our team is dedicated to minimizing taxes while complying with all federal and state filing requirements. We take the time to understand daily operations and the overall direction of your company. This gives us the insight necessary to make judgement calls and identify tax savings opportunities with your best interests in mind.

Tax compliance is typically an annual event, but our advisory services are delivered year-round. The relationships we develop with our clients strengthen over time and lead to a better level of service. Many clients view us as an extension of their organization, and we take great pride serving in this capacity.

Business Tax Projections & Planning

We are at our best when we can be proactive with our clients. Our year-end tax planning services are designed to avoid surprises and identify tax saving strategies. We typically start in early November by calculating the anticipated tax based on Jan-Oct financials. Then we review entity structure, owner compensation, retirement plan options, and tax brackets. This allows you two months to purchase fixed assets, prepay expenses, defer income, and make other decisions based on the projected tax and value of your deductions.

Some advanced tax planning opportunities we review include captive insurance, conservation easements, cost segregation studies, R&D credits, and cash-balance plans. Other tax credits and tax savings strategies may be discussed depending on a client’s size, industry, and risk tolerance.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Having accurate books will help you analyze business performance and lead to better decision-making. Most clients we work with have an internal accounting department or third-party bookkeeper. We do provide monthly bookkeeping services for clients who would rather keep tax and accounting under one roof. This is typically for clients who are not ready to hire someone full-time and needs our bookkeeping and advisory services packaged together. If it is not a fit, we will provide a referral to one of our bookkeeping partners who is better suited to handle your needs.

We also provide payroll services for those clients who prefer it. We file all quarterly and annual payroll reports and coordinate payroll tax deposits. This usually makes sense if all employees are s-corp shareholders. Breaking down your owner’s pay between W2 wages and distributions is a delicate balancing act. You need to pay yourself a reasonable salary, but you also want to limit FICA taxes and maximize your QBI deduction. We provide the expertise and guidance to accomplish all these goals.

Here's what our clients have to say about us

David French and his team have been incredible to work with. I've used them now for three companies I've been a part of starting. His team is fast and efficient and above all else accurate and dependable. David makes himself readily available and has met every last second deadline I've thrown at him. In addition, his team is pro-active - always looking for ways to help us save money or get ahead of new policies, tax, and accounting changes. I can not recommend David enough, especially is you are start up. You have enough things to worry about - don't let accounting and tax work be one of them, call David French.

Jay ManickamHitch

David French is one of a kind. The service he provides to our family and our business is unquestionably the best possible. I cannot image trying to navigate the complexities of today's tax world without his consultation and guidance.

Chuck PhillipsElite Granite and Marble

I’ve been working with David to serve our mutual clients for several years now. As a corporate, securities, and tax attorney, it’s critical that my clients have skilled, diligent, and personable tax advisors and CPAs, not only skilled and knowledgeable with tax matters, but also business matters. David has consistently provided practical, cutting edge advice regarding both general and complex tax and business matters. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him and his team for your professional tax services.

Michael McGovernReiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

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