Whether you’re an existing client or you just landed here for the first time, let me start off and say thank you for being here.

We are a group of dynamic, hardworking professionals who enjoy serving clients across a wide range of industries. We are not your typical CPA firm that you visit once a year to have your tax return prepared. We focus on understanding every one of your financial goals and then help you achieve those using our internal and external teams. We work best with rapidly growing business owners and high net worth individuals. For us, it’s always been about building great relationships and helping our clients and their families succeed.

Our Story

David French CPA was founded with a focus on family first.

I wanted to spend more time with my young children, coach them in sports, work a flexible schedule, and be the absolute best father and husband possible. Sitting in Austin traffic, working long hours, and missing important family events just wasn’t working for me anymore. So, I consulted with the real boss in my life, my wife, and I decided to venture out into the entrepreneurial space.

It wasn’t long until I needed some help. My first hire was my sister, Kaycee, who runs our daily operations. While the firm has grown substantially over the past few years, from both a client and team perspective, the focus on family first has remained at our core. For the David French CPA team, this means ensuring our staff has the flexibility and freedom I was searching for when I founded the firm. We’re invested in one another and support one another. These strong internal relationships are the backbone of our company; They directly translate to a higher level of service and flourishing relationships with our clients. 

How We Help You Reach Your Goals

We view clients as an extension of our organization; your goals are our goals. We love nothing more than helping you and your family achieve success, whatever success means for you. We have a deep respect for the hard work that helped you get to this point. Our job is to make sure you preserve as much of your wealth as possible by minimizing taxes. Here are some ways we help!

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Our process for corporate and partnership tax services begins with understanding your organization as a whole. We take the time to identify where you’re at now and where you want to be in the future. From there, we create strategic tax plans that help you minimize your tax liability while supporting your organizational goals. We keep the lines of communication open throughout the year. This helps keep us apprised of new developments and allows you to make decisions with confidence. In early November, we calculate your expected tax liability based upon year-to-date financial information. From there, we can help implement a variety of year-end tax planning strategies to help you reduce your estimated tax liability. The annual tax filing for partnerships and corporations is the finished product designed from our collaborative efforts.

Some specific tax saving strategies we may evaluate for you and your organization can be found here

Advisory, Bookkeeping & Payroll

Without up-to-date records, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to make informed decisions. Our bookkeeping department helps you turn data into insight and insight into action. We’ll keep your books up-to-date and help implement tax savings strategies that align with the goals of your company. We provide bookkeeping to clients who see the benefit of having tax and accounting under one roof or are not ready to hire a full-time in-house bookkeeper. We can provide a higher level of service for our monthly bookkeeping clients since we are intimately familiar with their operations.  

Additionally, we offer payroll services both internally and through our partner platforms. As part of these services, we file quarterly and annual payroll reports and coordinate payroll tax deposits. As an S-corporation owner, we can help you answer questions like “How do I determine reasonable compensation?” and “How can I minimize FICA taxes and maximize the QBI deduction?”

Individual and Trust Tax Services 

Our process begins with a deep dive into your prior tax returns and an hour-long meeting to truly understand who you are. Then, we create a tax strategy catered to you and your goals. Throughout the year, we consult with our clients on a variety of issues including real estate transactions, stock options, Roth conversions, etc.  During the months of November and December, we’ll prepare tax projections and run alternative options to help make sound investment moves, increase cash flow, and minimize taxes. As with corporate and partnership tax service, the annual tax filing is the finished product designed from our collaborative efforts throughout the year.

For trust tax planning, we’ll help you coordinate the execution in a tax-efficient manner and work closely with your estate attorney through the formation and administration process. Timing distributions correctly can shift income and dramatically decrease taxes. Setting up the correct types of trusts can help take the bite out of future estate taxes.  

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Regardless if you are planning for your next family ranch, a child’s college, or your next business venture, together with WealthSource Partners we help move the pieces with purpose. As mentioned previously, our firm was founded on the focus of family first. Going forward, you can expect regular blog posts and resources to help you create generational wealth to support your family and future family for years to come.

With that being said, if you have yet to grab our guide, be sure to do so here: 10 Tax Planning Strategies You Should  Know About. When you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about how we help individuals and business owners, you can contact us here.

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